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The Periyar University has established a directorate for distance education namely PERIYAR INSTITUTE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION (PRIDE). The PRIDE has been started functioning from the year 2001-2002. The PRIDE offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The course materials are supplied to the students well in advance. There are about 54 PCP Centers throughout the Country. Well qualified and experienced faculties are involved in the classroom teaching . The Periyar University has also introduced its off Campus regular academic programmes from the academic year 2005 – 06 through PRIDE.


Course NameDurationModeApply Now
B.A. Tamil6 SemYearly
B.Lit Tamil6 SemYearly
B.A. English6 SemYearly
B.A. Hindi6 SemYearly
B.A.Sanskirit6 SemYearly
B.A. History6 SemYearly
B.A. Political Science6 SemYearly
B.Com Co – Operation6 SemYearly
B.A. Education6 SemYearly
B.A. Economics6 SemYearly
B.A. Public Administration6 SemYearly
B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication6 SemYearly
B.Com6 SemYearly
B.B.A6 SemYearly
B.B.A Banking3 yrsYearly
B.B.A Sales and MARKETING3 yrsYearly
B.B.A Hardware3 yrsYearly
B.B.A Networking3 yrsYearly
B.B.A Tele – Communication3 yrsYearly
B.C.A3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Physics3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Chemistry3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Zoology3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Botany3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Mathematics3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Computer Science3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Biotechnology3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Microbiology3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Home Science3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Environmental Science3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Information Technology3 yrsYearly
BSc. (Information Technology)3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Tele – Communication3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. HOTEL Management& Tourism3 yrsYearly
B.Sc. Yoga3 yrsYearly
Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.L.I.S.)1 yrsYearly
M.A Tamil2 yrsYearly
M.A English2 yrsYearly
M.A History2 yrsYearly
M.A Human Rights2 yrsYearly
M.A Journalism & Mass Communication2 yrsYearly
M.A Public Administration2 yrsYearly
M.A Human Resource Management2 yrsYearly
M.A Sociology2 yrsYearly
M.A Education2 yrsYearly
MSW Master of Social Work2 yrsYearly
M.Com2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Physics2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Chemistry2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Mathematics2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Zoology2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Botany2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Microbiology2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Biotechnology2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Environmental Science2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Electronics2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Tele – Communication2 yrsYearly
M.Sc. Yoga2 yrsYearly
Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.S)1 yrsYearly
Journalism & Mass Communication1 yrsYearly
Hospital Management1 yrsYearly
Computer Aided Design (CAD)1 yrsYearly
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)1 yrsYearly
Business Management1 yrsYearly
Early Child Care Education1 yrsYearly
Diploma in Retail Management1 yrsYearly
Diploma in Air Hostess1 yrsYearly
Professional Diploma In Multimedia1 yrsYearly
Diploma in Air Hostess and Flight / Cruise / Stewardship1 yrsYearly
Medical Laboratory Technology2 yrsYearly
Radio Imaging Technology2 yrsYearly
Arts & Crafts2 yrsYearly
Refraction Optometry Technology2 yrsYearly
Yoga2 yrsYearly
Auto CAD & CATIA2 yrsYearly
Auto CAD & UNI Graphics2 yrsYearly
Laboratory Technology1 yrsYearly
Radio Imaging Technology1 yrsYearly
Certificate in Retail Management1 yrsYearly
Certificate in Air Hostess1 yrsYearly
PGDCA1 yrsYearly
Computer Aided Design (CAD)1 yrsYearly
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)1 yrsYearly
HOTELManagement & Tourism1 yrsYearly
Journalism & Mass Communication1 yrsYearly
Business Management1 yrsYearly
Tele Communication Management1 yrsYearly
International Business1 yrsYearly
Guidance and Counseling1 yrsYearly
Biotechnology1 yrsYearly
Bioinformatics1 yrsYearly
M.B.A. Master of Business Administration2 yrsYearly
M.B.A. Airline and Airport Management2 yrsYearly
M.C.A. Master of Computer Application2 yrsYearly
M.Sc.(IT) Information Technology2 yrsYearly


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